Yes, being the franchisee owner of the brand you have equal say and equal
participation and hence, we call it a ‘Republic’ (by you and for you). Unlike others, our
franchise system is structured around you, where you are the key to your outlets
success. You have the freedom and right to think, plan, express and take part in
decision for your outlet. Because we believe, today every entrepreneur has a spark in
them to be successful if given right support and freedom. With this freedom, comes
responsibility to not act in a way which could bring harm to the brand.

Out outlet has ABV of Rs. 350/-. ABV would differ from location to location and menu

Yes, we will explain you the calculation of each model type with revenue business and
the expenses of the business. Once you are done with your Loi and when you are here
for your 2-day session we will go in detail to understand the potential of revenues
along with the profit potential.

Yes, you will get a copy of franchise agreement to review once you have done the LOI
along with the payment in part or full.

Of-course Yes, you can decide the menu as per local preference and the rates for your
outlet based on locality and rental condition. You can add or subtract categories or
flavors. We have list of additional categories which you can choose for your outlet
which we do not have in our menu (at additional charge) and it is completely optional.
You even have the liberty to add category/items from outside or external sources, but
it has to be 100% veg and approved by us.

We will give you the complete list of equipment, kitchen, interior materials,
disposables and raw material list along with the vendor contact details. You are free to
buy from the market or company approved vendors. While some on the equipment &
raw materials would be provided by the company approved vendors but, if you are
able to get them (with same specs.) at lesser rates than you can procure it from
market as well. There is no compulsion on purchase. You have a free hand and you can
purchase from where you are comfortable. We believe in complete transparency.

Once your order along with the payment is received, the dispatch would be done
within 2-3 working days from Mumba. The transportation would take 2-3 working days
depending on the location. Ideally, you should stock the inventory (dry or freeze store)
for 10-15 days, as a the raw materials have long self-life of 1 to 6 months, so, typically
there is never an issue of stock-out situation. Be rest assured, our software would
assist you to plan the inventory.

✓ Huge – we have everything in desserts
✓ Multi-business model, not restricted to 1 thing
✓ 5-in1 Business like no others
Ice-cream parlor + Beverages + Innovative Desserts + Taste breakers/Food
But, the success of the business is completely dependent on your commitment,
time and efforts given along with fulfilling the ideas & details given to you.

You will do the staff hiring. The model is designed as such where, fresher or
anyone with basic kitchen knowledge can easily be trained in 2-days. We would
guide you with job profiles and way to hire staff from various sources. Making it
simple for you.

3 days before the opening date, when everything is ready at your end, training
session would be scheduled. The trainer from the company will come to your

outlet and will train your staff over 3 days of which the 2nd day would be the pre-
launch day where your staff will get the practical exposure and 3rd day would be

opening day. Also, the trainer would teach the kitchen set-up, material storage
and handling as well as ordering.
Also, you will get the access to digital-video based training modules similar to
cooking show and sales pitch (communication). Do not worry, we have super
simplified the recipes on assemble line level.

We have the interior & contractor team in place and you can hire them for
entire set-up or just for consultation. It is not compulsory to hire them to
execute the work but, for consultation you have to hire them since they would
know the detailing required and can make the layout – elevation plan for your
outlet and would be available for phone consultation through-outthe period.

Yes, we want you to manage the social media of your own outlet. It would give
you edge to connect with the customers locally and help your outlet to get
discovered locally.
✓ The page can get the local touch and local feeling
✓ You can plan with local influencers
✓ Everything can be personalized as per your outlet
You are empowered and have freedom to have your planning. We will give you
the Insta and FB page along with the content bank of photos, videos, reels and
product shoots on regular basis. You can manage the page yourself or hire an
agency (of companies choice or your choice).

✓ Work-schedule for you which will help you understand the time length of each
work during the set-up process
✓ Recipe and Sales Pitch training (Regular update)
✓ Recipe formulations(Regular update)
✓ Pre-launch and Launch marketing plan
✓ Sharing new marketing ideas for your outlet (Regular update)
✓ Benefit of new R&D – New& Seasonal menu, NewFlavors
✓ Raw material purchase list with vendor details, all sorted
✓ Benefit of company-levelmarketing & sharing our media bank (Regular update)
✓ Assisting with menu updating across POS, Zomato & Swiggy (Regular update)
✓ Monthly list of Quotesfor your café (Regular update)
✓ Your query solving support & assistance on email (Regular update)
✓ 3 months of Social media for your separate Instagram, Facebook & Google
page of your outlet (this include the launch period marketing)
▪ Create Instagram/Facebook/Googlemap profile
▪ Arranging Pre-Launch Videos by local influencer
▪ Arranging & Paying Influencer/Blogger
▪ Regular posting on your Instagram/Facebook
▪ Marketing on social media with boost posts/ads
▪ Posting on yourInstagram/Facebook
▪ Regular posting on your Google Map (Regular update)
▪ Google& Zomato Review Reply (Regular update)
▪ Advertisement – paid boost/ads of the reels regularly to create
▪ Training yoursocial media person (if required) to handle post 3 months
Most importantly, at Planning stage (right now! – how to do, what to do) – we
planned for our outlet in detail and that was the reason for our success. Hence
we believe planning is the key.
Set-up stage (layout, designing, materials to be used, machinery – there are lot
of mistakes which any new one tends to make, we have experience of chain of
outletsso we can help you save on those mistakes

Yes we use software and have moduled it cater to our requirement and it is
completely integrated for:
✓ Punching sales order
✓ Managing the Zomato and Swiggy from same software
✓ Contactless & Self-ordering where the customer themselves can place order,
pay for it and either collect the order themselves or ask for delivery
✓ Inventory Management
✓ Recipe Formulations & Management (we would set the recipe formulations of
the initial common menu)
✓ Complete Financial tracking (sales, costs, profits, etc)
✓ Customer database management & capturing customer information
✓ Accounts Management
✓ Loyalty rewards management
It is super easy to use software with access on desktop and mobile and you can
create hierarchy of usage for owner and manager. There would be a dedicated
training session for you and your team.

100% Yes, we are a young brand and understand the importance of marketing
and social media marketing. We will continue to do the same and create the
buzz across India. Hence, we plan to expand our concept across India and take
advantage of our marketing campaigns. Brand level marketing would be done as
per company plan. Local marketing for your outlet would be decided and done
by you like – Pamphlets, SMS, Social media boost post, Loyalty programmes,
Offers, etc. We can help you with the best ways and method of doing the same.

We would need high resolution photos and videos of your outlet during the
launch time and on regular basis. This will be used by us and also by you for
marketing purpose.

As we understand, India is vast and there are vast opportunities all across. Every
geography and every city and town would have different need in terms of outlet
opening in a way that it does not affect the existing outlet. Do not worry, we
would pre-decide the exclusivity of territory that you would enjoy depending on
your location. The same would be discussed and mentioned in the agreement.