A Solo Date at this Dessert Cafe is Wellness Personified!

Why do we often consider a spa or self-care routine to be the only wellness activity? Whereas wellness activity includes spending time doing things we enjoy. Those things can be anything that brings our mind peace, relaxation, and a sense of calm.

A study found that most people are stress-free when they eat desserts. This is because of the fact that desserts, specifically sugar, allow your brain to release endorphins such as serotonin. These hormones are in charge of making you feel happy and content. We had to put you in the relaxed state of mind, by telling you about The Dessert Republic – a desserts cafe in Mumbai where you can enjoy some of the worlds best desserts.

1. You can enter The Dessert Republic only if you smile!

Everything gets better with a charming smile on your face, and The Dessert Republic ensures you do so. This cute dessert café in Mumbai has introduced us to a new concept of only opening the door when the person shares a big smile; it has a camera mounted on the door that detects your smile and automatically opens the door for you.

This amazing concept has grabbed so much attention that it has become one of India’s most loved and famous dessert cafés.  Get ready to flash a big smile as you dive into a world of desserts at this dessert shop in Bandra, Mumbai.

2. A Dessert Cafe designed for Insta-worthy pictures

Instagram has taken the world by storm, and we all love being a part of it by posting our best moments on the gram. Since it’s the coolest trend these days, our favourite dessert café is following it too by designing a whole ambience created only for your Instagram photos. This Instagrammable Dessert cafe in Mumbai has got all the aesthetics for your feed.

Everything about this setting is dreamy, so you can spend your time here snapping pictures and eating some delectable treats. As it is one of the most popular Instagrammable dessert cafés in Mumbai, it is always packed, so plan your visit accordingly.

Things to do at The Dessert Republic – You can’t stop clicking photos at The Dessert Republic in Mumbai, because every corner is worth capturing on film.

3. Savour the Best Desserts in the World

It’s simple to enter this dessert café, but it’s difficult to choose from their menu. They serve unique sweets from all around the world in a lovely little setting. Right from Japan’s famous mochi ice cream to flavorful creamsicles and decadent waffle bites. Desserts are presented in a unique way at The Dessert Republic. 

The best part of The Dessert Republic – You can enjoy the freshly prepared desserts while witnessing their talented staff make your favourite desserts right in front of you and even customise them if you want.

4. Count memories not calories – because it’s dessert time!

What can you possibly expect from India’s first dessert cafe? Of course, the finest desserts! After testing over 1000 recipes, the best 100 desserts were finalized for the drool-worthy menu at The Dessert Cafe. They don’t simply prepare desserts; they make the desserts look and taste better than something you’ve ever before. We are sure that once you have experienced this beautiful dessert heaven, you will want to return again and again!

Imagine you’re at The Dessert Republic, sipping a cup of hot chocolate while reading your favourite book, surrounded by the aromas of sweetness while enjoying the luxury of your own company. 

There are many reasons to visit The Dessert Republic, Things2do has listed a few. To find our more reasons that float your sweet tooth, you’ve got to visit it yourself!


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